Our hitting drills accompanied by our HitTrax system allows us to look a little deeper into how we can optimize payers swings. Seeing the analytics behind a players swing is a key tool that professional teams and many college teams are utilizing today.

hitting Lessons

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   Passion, Heart, Determination

Fielding lessons

Strength, Speed and conditoning

Hitting is not the only thing that matters in baseball or softball. Fielding capability could be the difference of constantly seeing your name in the lineup card on a regular basis. 

​PHD Sports has been training young athletes since we opened our doors in 2007. Starting as a baseball club, we focused on advancing players skills to the next level. Now, we have broadened our training to fast pitch softball as well as strength, speed and conditioning. Training is not all we do. HitTrax is a baseball and softball technology we love to utilize. During the cold off-season we host leagues as well as tournaments that can be played indoors in one of our many cages. 

The more athletic someone is, the easier it is to adapt to unconventional situations. In baseball and softball, reactions need to happen in the blink of an eye. Strength, along with speed and agility will help any player reach their full potential.

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