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   Passion, Heart, Determination

meet the Staff

Scott Brown - Scott is one of the three owners of the company. Scott made a name for himself in Slowpitch softball competing at the highest levels. Scott came into P5 sports with a lot of passion. He got the ball rolling on our brand P5 Gear. Scott is also very involved in coaching at the youth level.

Mike Meyers - Mike is the second of the three owners. He has been involved with PHD sports for a long time and is the backbone of the company. 

Herb Gibson - Herb is the third of three owners. He started the company as a baseball academy, which showed great success for many years. Herb has been known throughout the baseball community coaching at the youth, high school and college level around the twin cities.

Anthony Link-Danko - Anthony is one of the newest members of the crew. With PHD's second location opening up, he will be the store manager at the Coon Rapids Location. Anthony played high level softball for many years before joining our team.

Sam Mustar - Sam is another one of the newest members. He will be taking over as store manager for the Oakdale location. Sam has been around baseball and softball all of his life and loves the game.

Otilia Langston - ​​​Otilia Graduated from Winona State University in the fall of 2018 with a degree in excersize science. She recently came on as a speed and agility trainer for us, and is also pursuing her masters at the University of Minnesota.